Improve after sales

Product quality assurance system

Wuxi Niko has established a set of product quality assurance system based on strict compliance with national industry standards and ISO9001 quality management certification series, scientific specifications and efficient operation.

quality policy

Quality assurance, advanced technology, steady development and user satisfaction

Quality objectives

1. Qualified rate of one-time delivery inspection ≥ 95%

2. Customer satisfaction ≥ 90%

Organizational support

Establish quality inspection department. Equipped with experienced quality inspectors to conduct strict inspection and quality control on component procurement and final products.

Quality assurance system elements

Control and manage the whole process of design, manufacturing, inspection and delivery in strict accordance with the basic elements of the quality assurance system.

1. Design process control

2. Purchase process control

3. Production process control

4. Inspection and test control

5. Packaging, protection and delivery control

Service quality assurance system

Adhering to the service concept of "exceeding customer expectations", Nicole ultrasonic has established a set of service quality assurance system that is close to users and responds quickly.

service content

1. We emphasize service and replace marketing with high-quality service;

2. We provide customers with design reference, product technical guidance, on-site installation, commissioning, old engineering transformation;

3. Set up a service hotline for customers, collect the first information and immediately feed back the technology to deal with the problems in the use of products;

4. Your smile is the goal of our service.

Guarantee period of equipment

1. The warranty period of the machine shall be one year after the equipment passes the commissioning. In the warranty period, all accidents and equipment damages caused by non-human factors shall be recovered by Party B free of charge; the mould part shall be guaranteed for three months, and the quantity of damages shall not be replaced within three months.

2. In case of any quality problem during the warranty period, Party B must complete the relevant repair and make the equipment operate normally within one week, and the supplier shall bear all the maintenance costs.

after-sale service

1. Party B shall guarantee the life-long supply of equipment parts and provide them to Party A at the most favorable price;

2. After the equipment is delivered for use, no matter whether it is within the warranty period or not, in case of equipment failure, Party B shall reply within 4 hours after receiving the call, and repair it on site within 48 hours if necessary;

3. Within the warranty period, Party B shall make a telephone return visit or on-site return visit to Party A for two to three months. After the expiration of the warranty period, Party B shall visit the site at least once a year. If Party A is found to have problems in operation and maintenance, Party B shall timely put forward improvement suggestions to Party A.